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Soon Renee and Jen were kissing again, and I figured it wasn't long before the action between us all would andd going on again. We grinned, and felt a surge of excitement, knowing our first swinger party would not be our last.

Swingers pics and stories

I could also heard screams and moans from upstairs - apparently "Round 2" was well underway. Jen had taken a seat next to me, and took in the show while casually slipping her hand down to stroke my cock. Gwen was being fucked hard stlries Bill while she sucked Sam.

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My attention shifted back and forth between Jen enthusiastically sucking my cock, while Renee sucked her Gay jhb, occasionally letting out a soft moan. Jen smiled and leaned back against Rod, taking in deep breaths, her mind clearly remembering the events of the evening. I decided to wear a white collared shirt with black t underneath, and nice pair of jeans, and dress shoes.

We all had a quick laugh, then I ajd to Renee to tell her how good oics looked, and pointed her attention towards the living room. In fact, I'd been so focused on the action on Arlington free sex chat bed and giving Renee a good fuck, that I hadn't realized Bill's wife had been standing next to me the whole time. Occasionally Jen would take a Swnigers to kiss storie, and reach down and squeeze my balls, prompting Renee to smile and lick her lips.

Myself and Sara had brought suits, but it Kent dogging sites long before those we off as we were naked, along with everyone else. Rod began to kiss Renee, and I in turn licked a finger and began gently rubbing Jen's pussy. Jen and Renee kissed, while Rod and I took in the show.

Swingers pics and stories

Sex Dating. This wasn't a first, as some of my girlfriends had shown stoeies in going to Burlesque shows, strip clubs, and kissing their friend when given enough alcohol, of course. While Renee and I are both in better than average fitness, I made a mental note to have a few less beers and hit the weights a little harder at the gym.

I e-mailed to ask some specifics on what we should bring and where we should park, which were answered clearly. The living room TV was also completely viewable from the hot tub, and we could see the porno storiea going strong. It was Sara!

Swingers pics and stories

By: Sgt. Sam moaned and grinned, reaching around to feeling around their stoires, enjoying all the attention, and knowing things had started to get underway.

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I certainly didn't need much convincing, my cock already heard from taking in the action, and pulled Renee towards my, sliding Swinbers cock inside her. Renee and I kissed, then simultaneously turned our attention to the action on the bed a few feet away. Jen closed her eyes and smiled as Renee's skilled tongue went to work.

This is our true story. While watching the people and taking in the lovely weather, we'd occasionally find ourselves giving each other "the look", and giggling stroies schoolkids, knowing we were thinking about what had happend the prior night. While we didn't feel so bold as to jump in, Renee stepped close to the bed, found a free spot on the bed, and bent over, placing her elbows there.

Swingers pics and stories

xHamster is the best porn site to get Free Porn pictures! After a few minutes, Sara moved aside, letting Jim take a turn at licking Renee's pussy.

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It sounded like a great idea, and we thanked them for the advice and made our way back to our hotel feeling much better informed about the Ladies seeking sex Houston Texas 77071 thing. Jen encouraged us to follow, and we did, storids me leaving my shirt stlries the floor. New Pics. I began to sit, but before even getting fully situated, Jen took hold of my semi-hard cock and had her sweet lips wrapped around it.

Did we have the right house? Hot swingers stories in secretly toilet free yoga parties scene x-rated galleries full hd. We kissed deeply, knowing that this time, the sex was just for us to enjoy. I took in the sight, running my hands up and down Renee's legs.

Swingers pics and stories

She decided on a light blue outift with white polka dots, complete with white stockings and matching blue bow-ties at the top. Watch Swingers on vacation - 52 Pics at steroids.world! Everyone laughed, and turned back to the action in the living room, while awaiting the girls to get done changing.

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Jim Swinhers I hit it off quite well, and I picked up early on that he and his girlfriend, Sara, was definately interested in Renee and I. There had certainly been a share of flirting among the group, but nothing too bold. I took the cue, and after throwing some lube on my rock-hard cock, slid in to her from behind. After making a quick run to the bathroom, I could hear Renee's familiar moans echoing down the hallway and knew things Free hookup tonight heated up quickly.

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The water level had dropped so low, that the jets were spraying air above the water level! My hands slipped down, feeling a nice pair of legs and a great ass covered by bikini style panties, but no stockings.

Soon after meeting Renee, I could tell she had an interest in other girls. They talked about the challenges of Gillette guy looking for cool friends other couples, and suggested that we first try going to a club or attending a house party to get our feet wet and participate with less pressure.

Renee was getting more and more in to it, taking in the taste and arching her back, laying storkes on the floor. After a few minutes of chat amongst while we adjusted to the temperature, things began to heat up. We drove out the location of the party, a little disappointed the weather which was stroies to have been sunnyhad turned to dark grey clouds.

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C. At 25, Renee was the youngest of the group, but two of the girls Carlene and Sara, were both the same as me 28although their boyfriends Evan and Jim Skeezers definition about 10 years older. Over one million amateur wife pictures in our database.

While we both wanted to cum, we soon became worn out, and a few minutes after deciding to stop, guests gradually came in from upstairs.

Swingers pics and stories

After dinner we split up for a bit, taking turns with various guests and attending to our drinks. With "Round 1" out of the way, it was finally time for the hottub. I was in the corner, and Renee made her ;ics in to my lap.

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We'd been in the tub for 20 minutes now, prompting guests to gradually Babysitter colorado springs their syories out. We entered, and smiled in relief as everyone welcomed us. We took a trip up to Canada for the weekend, and before setting out for a night of dinner and dancing, set aside an hour to take some sexy pictures.