Share A few nights ago, my daughter was being hilarious.

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Select from premium Pre Adolescent Child of the. There are countless pictures on Facebook of my son without a shirt on, yet no one has reported him. The issue was not about eating ice cream in the bath tub — truthfully I think the concept is brilliant — but instead, everyone freaked out about the blogger publicly posting a full frontal nude photo of her child for the viewing pleasure of her 25,plus followers. My body was mine and she respected my privacy.

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What happened to me has made me think about how my choices on social media might affect my children, but right now, I'm still pissed. In some ways, I've already made the decision to allow their images to be public. Find the perfect Pre Adolescent Child stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. But this recent incident on Instagram has caused me to think long and hard before I post an image of my.

This may change as my kids kiid older, or if I feel less comfortable with it, or if I become famous hey, it could happen. She dumped over two laundry baskets of clean laundry that part was slightly annoyingand then she got Ty with huge toys top of the baskets and did a little dance. Then I looked at the photo again.

Police are warning parents after four New Brunswick children between the ages of eight and 12 voluntarily shared nude images of themselves. As I read through the comments, I was immediately thrown back to an incident from my own childhood. As innocent as the pictures were, in my pre-pubescent mind, no one — not even my parents — had a right to possess pictures of me with no clothes on.

Babies and toddlers grow up.

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Perhaps the person who reported was legitimately concerned with my daughter's well-being. They can be sexual, iid they are also utilitarian. I chose to include the picture Ndist, because after lots of soul-searching, I decided there is nothing obscene about the picture; and if someone found a picture of me at 2-and-half without a shirt, I wouldn't care who saw it. I have many pics like this! group of school. And she is wearing underwear and matching leg warmers. Did I have some body issues I needed to work through at that point in my life?

Or something? No on has ever flagged pictures of my son as inappropriate. Courtesy of Olivia Hinebaugh But here's the thing: if someone out there wants to take an innocent picture of and use it in a manner I don't even want to think about, that's on them.

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They are part of what my strong, life-giving body can do. Our culture sexualizes girls at younger and younger ages. Plenty of other parents have crossed the line of naked-child overshare. I guess we all have to figure out how we want to handle sharing pictures of our kids kir our friends and family. My immediate reaction was to hide every last one of the photos. When I confronted my mom she gently explained the offending pictures were from the day I was born and they were special.

I captured one particular moment I didn't want to forget: her hands were splayed, and she had an angelic look on Horny girls Grifton North Carolina face. I was really conflicted about how to react to being reported. My body was mine and at that point in my life, I wanted to keep my body private.

Wal-mart clerk deemed photos inappropriate and alerted authorities.

is an autonomous being whose personhood should be respected. It was nice to get that reassurance, even though I'd already come to that conclusion myself. It hadn't even dawned on me that someone might draw that distinction between boys' and girls' nipples with children. I can't believe someone reported that cute picture. These Nudst people I know in real life, and know well. Would it have been more acceptable Free austin dating sites she still wore diapers?

But after a couple of hours, Facebook decided the picture did not contain anything obscene. Maybe because they match, it looks like a lingerie outfit?

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Browseonly boys stock photos and images available or search for children only or child to find more great stock photos and pictures. Images Courtesy of Olivia Hinebaugh 4 More like this. I realize it's a complicated issue without a clear solution, but maybe we should start with not sexualizing toddler "breasts. It was viewable to my friends only. I posted that picture to my personal Facebook.

And they are just nipples. There are pictures where Nudiat not Williamson WV wife swapping anything.

Couple sues walmart for calling cops over bath time photos

Was there anything really wrong with sharing this photo with my friends? Because, kd, I'm not being lewd. Share A few nights ago, my daughter was being hilarious.

Obviously — most tweens struggle while navigating the entry into puberty. But so far, I honestly don't see that I've shared many pictures that I wouldn't consider safe for public consumption. And I happily post breastfeeding pictures, even if there's some areola visible.

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I love posting pictures on my Facebook feed and blog. Someone had looked at a picture of a 2 year old, saw that her nipples were exposed and that she was in underwear, and immediately felt that it was inappropriately sexual. I was also angry because the view of breasts as primarily sexual in our culture really bugs me. They are more than objects to be desired.

First, once an image has been ed, parents have no way to truly control who can see, download or share it.