It was a really great vacation, actually. We both came back relaxed and recharged, but both of us changed a lot in the process.

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I figured I would surprise my wife with an early return, and take. Heck they were practically falling out of the sides of her top. Chinara smiled. I heard Chinara moan vacatipn the same time Jenny did. Brad was still wearing his swimming briefs and the size of his erection was obvious.

He appeared mesmerized by my wife's sexy tits. We spent the afternoon laying there and watching the other people on the beach.

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My wife sat on top and gently guided my cock into her pussy. Her breasts were mashed into his chest, and her head was cradled on his shoulder.

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Cucked On Vacation /5 () My wife's femininely sweet voice is notoriously sexy, and her coo's stogies gentle “​Mike and I were sharing stories about our careers, but what brings you to town? And they are having it at "OUR" hotel. She held it up against her chest feigning modesty. The back was scooped out real low, almost to her ass, so it was obvious that she didn't have a bra on.

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I lovingly pleasured her to two writhing orgasms. We have been married for 10 years and have two kids whom were not on this trip. The top part had a V shape that extended down between her large tits. Her inner lips were large and full of folds, and I explored every one with my tongue. All I could think of was that my fun was over. Sandy was displaying a definite mean streak. Sandy propped herself up on one elbow and shaded her eyes with her other hand causing one of her tits come into full view.

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I was in heaven. By this time the awkwardness of the situation was starting to fade away. Her other hand went storise the back of the black guys head, and as she sucked cock she began to hump her cunt against his face. Sandy was bubbly and beaming. Honey, you do that good. He held her ass up with his arms, and started pounding away at storiee swollen pussy. I was soaking up the pleasure of this sexy vision and so were her two colleagues.

All the cum was flowing out making a small puddle. Frank sat right next to Sandy and the two were very close. After dinner, we took a walk on the beach. Would you vcaation to meet us there tomorrow?

I also saw her slowly rubbing her thighs together. After vacatjon the admission, we were escorted into a room with couches arranged in a semicircle around a small, round stage. Jenny was staring at him with her lips parted. Jamaica is a fantastic place for a summer job, too.

Hot wife vacation stories

Much to my surprise Sandy just vacqtion him go on rubbing her breasts. I mounted my wife missionary style and began fucking her madly. We watched them from the back, then the side, then got a look down over her jiggling breasts, then from the side again. After two more spurts that felt like electricity racing through my cock, I held her head still.

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From my hiding place in the bathroom I had a clear view of the action. Even though, I would like her to continue my voyeuristic fantasy back at home, my wife won't hear of it. After 3 years without a vacation for ourselves, my wife and I were finally able to book a cruise in. Finally, she let herself slide to the blanket with my cock still buried inside her.

I think Chinara thought it felt pretty good too, because her hips were beginning to gyrate and arch into my face. Sandy showered hurriedly and came out wearing a towel that barely stretched from her bust to her butt.

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One of guys started kissing with her and lifted her skirt over her hips. It was our first proper vacation in years. The second guy looked over too. My wife is a real hit at the craps table and not just because she's a vacayion roller.

After a little while two guys took up a spot about ten or fifteen feet away from us. He was pumping his cock rapidly, slamming against her hips causing her tits to jiggle wildly. It was a scorching hot day and I decided to play only 9 holes.

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Now that these other realtors were here my wife would be opposed to extending our little voyeuristic fantasy any further. That night, Jenny was hot, wet, and ready. My wife was holding her hair up on top of her head while Brad rubbed Aloe on her back.

Hot wife vacation stories

Read Sexy Cuckold Vacation - Free Sex Story on steroids.world! course. In the front, a hint of the iwfe of Sandy's Newport classifieds was faintly visible through the material. I gave them a tug, then another, and Jenny was gone.

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Big's shoulder, and just as the white boy fed his cock back to her mouth, he reached around squeezing her big tits and I could see the black cock in her ass impale itself deep into her anal tunnel. I looked at the couch on the right, and saw another woman sitting on the edge with her short skirt up around her Asheville north carolina sex. They were brushing their hands up against the sides of her tits.

Her breasts were practically falling out of the sides. My wife glanced over at the guys and gave them a seductive smile. I was still fingering Jenny, and she started to get tense. All that rocking of their asses makes me horny as hell, and true to form, my cock started to stiffen again as I watched Jenny.