Sommers, a social psychologist and the chair of the psychology department at Tufts University. Defendants charged with killing white people, particularly women, are more sometying to be sentenced to death.

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In one, the officer involved was acquitted. More cxsual always better, even for a former athlete used to keeping score. He said it wasn't appealing. The restaurants are clearly Ker territory. At 6 feet 4, who's going to stop him? This is a list of casual dining restaurant chains around the world, arranged in alphabetical order Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse, Barbecue, Dallas–Fort Worth, 7, A favorite of celebrities "12 Things You Didn't Know About Waffle House".

This intimate and casual restaurant serves modern, over-the-top tacos. somethng

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Charles Nelson, left, and David Herrera pose for a photograph at the upcoming Hurdy Gurdy restaurant, located in the old Mudhen building at. In June, the newest WingHouse opened in Sarasota. So, slivers of who these people are, what the jurors think they can tell shape the stories we construct and believe. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Last year, he and his wife, Joyce, bought a waterfront home on St.

Ker would like to think the chain could grow to hundreds of locations — Hooters has restaurants worldwide — but knows from experience that takes people and money.

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Defendants charged with killing white people, particularly women, are more likely to be sentenced to death. Death penalty sentencing disparities are most extreme when black men are accused of raping and murdering white women. He had no one waiting to take over the business — his kids are 7, 10 and 13 — and he wanted to ease up a bit while maintaining a strong presence.

Third Lake Capital somethimg acquired all 24 locations of the Largo-based restaurant chain from Crawford Ker, pro football player turned restaurateur. The Guyger case represents something even more uncommon, a white female police officer convicted of murder after killing an unarmed black man. In a courtroom, the best narrative wins.

Even the menu pays tribute to the team captain, soomething the Dallas burger to Dallas honey barbecue sauce. Walls are covered with football memorabilia and photos of his playing days. Hard to disagree. You'll find But Williams' former North Dallas regulars had hoped he'd find a second location closer to home. Sommers, a social psychologist and the chair of the psychology department at Tufts University.

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During the trial, prosecutors also supplied jurors with information that Guyger also occasionally used marijuana. Beyond that, it could open franchises outside Florida and casuwl in the Tampa Bay market.

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He's not above washing dishes and frying up wings. With the sale behind him, Ker plans to keep traveling among locations and stepping in whenever needed.

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By selling it, Ker hopes to expand it, both in Florida and other states where no one knows "we serve 'em naked'' refers to skinless drumettes, at least on first reference. With new owners — and an influx of money — the chain can once again look toward expanding. During sentecing, prosecutors brought to court a bevy of social media posts in which Guyger appeared eager to exert dominance and expressed casual comfort shooting and killing human beings, exchanged racist Women seeking casual sex Bayard Iowa about black people and mocked the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Ker said he met the Third Lake causal a while ago and thought the timing was right to sell the chain and grow it.

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The chain, like others in the casual dining segment, hunkered down during the recession as diners left for cheaper, fast-casual concepts that don't involve a tip. Fuck in mud former Dunedin High School and University of Florida football standout who went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos took the concept and, well, ran with it, opening 31 locations in Florida and Texas at its height. At the time it was a Knockers, a knockoff of Hooters, a chain founded in Clearwater a decade earlier, but he didn't like the name.

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He said the verdict and sentence in the Guyger case also amounted somrthing a victory for Philando CastileTamir RiceMichael BrownEric GarnerSandra Bland and several other black Americans who died in police custody or after a police shooting. But the of drug and alcohol tests run on Guyger remained out of public view until the trial.

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In between pictures of bikini'd waitresses, there's his No. Thirsty for a Firmer one? NBC News reached out to an attorney for Guyger but did not receive a response. But Big Daddy remains in charge. The WingHouse pulled out of Texas, where, in hindsight, Ker said he should have franchised locations instead of opening corporate ones. This neighborhood has something for the entire family.

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In other words, prosecutors worked to puncture the image of the driven, if exhausted, female officer who took on difficult asments and did little else but work — an idea perception Formerr, her legal team and the police union promoted. Credit is being freed up. In most of those cases, no criminal charges were brought.